... eyes of awe, Grey figures on the floor, And wondered why men knelt to pray Who never prayed before. All through the night we knelt and prayed, Mad mourners of a corpse! The troubled plumes of midnight were The plumes upon a hearse: And bitter wine upon a sponge Was the savior of Remorse. The cock crew, the red cock crew, But never came the day: And crooked shape of Terror crouched, In the corners where we lay: And each evil sprite that walks by night Before us seemed to play. They glided past, they glided fast, Like travelers through a mist: They mocked the moon in a rigadoon ...
the ballad of reading gaol
新潟県 theatre Nicholas Biff きゅうりのサンドイッチの楽曲 Nicholas Biff stage Nicholas Biff pdfs ESL index publication 下町ケンへのきれいになったこうえん play 下町ケンへのきゅうりのサンドイッチ きゅうりのサンドイッチ札幌オーディションフォーム Nicholas Biff writer molbuddy playwrights